"We also hope that Islamic education would be able to respond to the developing times while foregoing extremism, so that the integrity and unity of Indonesia can be maintained," Ambassador Octavino stated.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The governments of Indonesia and Iran cooperated to organize an international seminar on education to mark Education Day, according to a written statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Tehran received in Jakarta, Friday.

The international educational seminar, organized by both nations in Qom, Iran, on Thursday (May 5), was titled "Islam, Democracy and Citizenship Education: the Experience of Indonesia and Iran."

At the seminar, Indonesian Ambassador to Iran Octavino Alimudin affirmed that the practice of religious tolerance in day-to-day life that bolsters the country's unity is the outcome of exposure to early education at schools and Islamic education that had assisted in molding Indonesia's national character.

"We are also optimistic that Islamic education would be able to respond to the developing times while foregoing extremism in a bid to maintain Indonesia's integrity and unity," Ambassador Alimudin remarked.

The Indonesian ambassador to Iran also reiterated that Indonesia and Iran can persistently work together in the field of educational cooperation, enhance relations between universities in both nations and hold joint research, as well as share knowledge and experiences.

The seminar, held by the Indonesian Embassy in Tehran along with the Indonesian Student Association (IPI) in Iran, was also facilitated through a close cooperation established with the Qom-based Al Mustafa International University.

During the seminar, the participants discussed issues related to Islamic education and its challenges in facing the modern times and developing various sciences for the advancement of both nations.

The seminar, in which lecturers and students from different universities in Qom and the adjoining areas participated, turned out to be one of the activities in commemoration of National Education Day celebrated in Indonesia and coinciding with Teacher's Day in Iran.

The commemoration of Education Day by both nations offers the right momentum for sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of education between both nations.

Conducting various seminar activities, discussions, and research exchanges is expected to intensify educational cooperation between Indonesia and Iran and be mutually beneficial for both nations' citizens.

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