Ternate (ANTARA) - North Maluku's provincial government has sanctioned state civil apparatus (ASN) failing to resume office duties after the Eid holidays or extending their holiday period after Lebaran (post-fasting festivities) in the form of withholding salaries and also dismissal.

"Today, we will outline sanctions to be imposed on ASN failing to turn up at office on the first day of work after the Ied-al- Fitr holiday," Regional Secretary of the North Maluku Provincial Government Bambang Hermawan remarked on Monday.

In fact, he noted that ASN failing to get back to work to resume office duties will face a host of sanctions in the form of periodic salary delays to deferment in promotions.

Hence, he remarked that with Ramadhan (the fasting month) having ended, the North Sumatra provincial government had applied working hours from 7:45 to 16:30 local time.

He noted that for ASN still living in Ternate City, they had to adjust the office and fast boat schedule to serve ASN in line with the hours of entry and return to office.

Speaking in connection with civil servants failing to turn up at office on an earlier occasion, the local governor had instructed that not only would their salaries be held back, but a postponement of promotion was also proposed.

The governor's instructions were a follow-up to the efforts to enforce discipline on ASN in the local area after this year's Lebaran holiday.

A team will conduct a reassessment of discipline being enforced in each organization of the regional apparatus, while the results are recommended to the governor, deputy governor, and regional secretariat to arrive at a decision on which policies will be adopted in enforcing discipline among civil servants.

"This policy is at the same time accompanied by sanctions, ranging from minor to severe sanctions, specifically dismissal, and the governor has no longer offered relief to employees found to have conducted violations according to the recommendations of the ASN employee forum, and they will be fired," he stated.

On the first day of office after the 2019 Lebaran holiday, the Ternate mayor's office was crowded with civil servants, who had participated in the rally at the local mayor's office, but the details of the civil servants present had yet to be specified.

Translator: Abdul Fatah/Eliswan Azly
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