"The orchid preservation activity is carried out in the Upang River biodiversity-tourism area in Tanah Bawah Village, Puding Besar Sub-district"
Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung (ANTARA) - Activists of environmental NGOs -- Bangka Flora Society (BFS) and Salam Alam Upang -- have planted 142 rare orchids under the initiative to preserve the flora in Bangka Belitung Islands Province.

"The orchid preservation activity is conducted in the Upang River biodiversity tourism area in Tanah Bawah Village, Puding Besar Sub-district," BFS Chairperson Dian Rossana Angraini stated here on Thursday.

The orchids were planted in commemoration of World Environment Day and Land Degradation Day that fell on June 17, 2019, for the preservation of flora.

The orchid species comprised Phalaenopsis sumatrana, Bulbophyllum limbatum, Dendriboum peradii, Ryncostyllus retusa (squirrel's tail vanda), Arundina grammyniflora, Maxilaria, Trixpermum, Oncydium, and Catlya.

Of the 142 orchids planted, 75 are gifts from the family of the late Elsye Taufif Rani, whose favorites are Phalaenopsis Sumatrana, Ryncostyllus retusa, and Maxilaria.

The late Elsye Lestari Taufiq Rani dedicated her life to the preservation of orchids, specifically those of Bangka Belitung's endemic species. Hence, the Upang River biodiversity tourism area has been named in her honor.

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