Pangkalpinang (ANTARA) - The Home Affairs Ministry stated that the 2023 National Coordination Meeting of the Regional Regulation Formulation Agency (Bapemperda) constitutes an effort to expedite the implementation of the Job Creation Law.

"We hope that this national meeting, attended by 3,500 participants, will result in a joint commitment to implementing the Job Creation Law," the ministry's Director General of Regional Autonomy, Akmal Malik, remarked while opening the meeting in Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung Province on Thursday.

"It is important to simplify the mechanism for formulating regional regulations, so that the public can directly feel the benefits of the regulations," he noted.

The director general elaborated further, saying that such a step is necessary to face and seize both opportunities and challenges in the future.

Malik underscored the need for mechanism simplification, especially to accelerate the follow-up steps to Law No.6 of 2023 on stipulation of the government regulation in lieu of Law No.2 of 2022 concerning job creation to become law.

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"It is greatly expected that this national coordination meeting will serve as a forum for Bapemperda to finalize matters related to regulations, both at the central and regional levels, which are technically implemented through regional regulations," he pointed out.

Malik also expressed belief that Law No.2 of 2022 will help the country to stimulate the acceleration, enhancement, and development of regional economies.

Advancement of the economy in regions will, in turn, affect the welfare of people in accordance with the principles of regional autonomy, particularly regarding the implementation of regional regulations as regional policies, he affirmed.

"The law is also expected to serve as a follow-up to the stipulation of the Job Creation Law as the country's measure to realize the regulatory reform in the framework of regional autonomy based on the principle of decentralization," he concluded.

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