Indonesia develops integrated digital service system SIL@T

Indonesia develops integrated digital service system SIL@T

LLDIKTI Region III Secretary M. Samsuri. (ANTARA/HO/LLDIKTI)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Higher Education Service Institution (LLDIKTI), spearheading the Research, Technology, and Higher Education Ministry, is developing an integrated information and service system termed SIL@T.

"SIL@T has been successfully tested in 50 universities in the Jakarta area, and all representatives of the universities welcome the implementation of this system," LLDIKTI Region III Secretary M. Samsuri noted in a statement received by Antara here on Wednesday.

SIL@T is a new and integrated service system that is an improvement over the earlier services owned by the LLDIKTI Region III, Samsuri, who is also SIL@T project leader, stated.

"The new system is an internal and external e-office service system in which data tracking and searches are conducted from the respective universities," he elaborated.

Samsuri exemplified such a new system as an Early Warning System (EWS) and an institutional data information system (SIDIK). These services accommodate tertiary institutions to see data on the quality of implementation of higher education and accountability for documenting.

"Hence, with SIL@T, all data is integrated, and every higher educational institution is only required to have a single sign-on to access various types of services," he noted.

SIL@T is an innovation as well as a solution and a form of digital-based transformation to respond to the diverse challenges faced by universities, one of which is the distance that stakeholders should go to obtain services.

This system is expected to be completed within a year since it was initiated in May 2019.

"This is a collaborative project. We synergize with internal and external parties," Samsuri emphasized.

This project is expected to optimize higher education services and streamline all processes to make them more efficient than before.

"We are optimistic that this innovation will be a manifestation of a new transformation in higher education services in the Jakarta area and is expected to be a source of inspiration for other regions in Indonesia towards realizing a world-class government," Samsuri remarked.