Jakarta (ANTARA) - The spirit of unity should be maintained by upholding the five principles (Pancasila) and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) and adopting a tolerant and appreciative approach to differences in society.

"I am certain that Indonesian unity will always lead us to peace. I am sure that by firmly upholding the spirit of Indonesian unity, our big house will not collapse. However, it will stand not only for 500 years but also for ever," the president remarked while delivering his annual speech to the MPR, House of Representatives (DPR), and Regional Representatives Council (DPD) at Jakarta, Friday.

With 74 years of independence to its credit, Indonesia, as a large house, has remained strong and united in the face of myriad challenges.

President Joko Widodo remarked that Indonesia can stand firmly owing to its strong philosophical foundation of Pancasila that serves as a basis of the state, a guiding beacon, and concurrently a unifying force of Indonesia.

"In this house, we live in harmony without discrimination grounded on religious backgrounds, ethnicities, racial differences, or groups," the president noted.

Indonesia, as a big house, is a place for all people, a living space for children of the nation, from Sabang to Merauke and from Miangas to Rote Island.

"In this big house, all children of the nation can work, move, and struggle to realize our dreams and aspirations," he stated.

Jokowi affirmed that the differences also never posed a barrier for the Indonesian people to unite. In unity lay boundless energy to mobilize all energy and thoughts for the advancement of Indonesia.

"In unity, we find solidarity, care, and enthusiasm for sharing among the nation's children," he added.

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