Korean in multi-vehicle crash wants to return home

Korean in multi-vehicle crash wants to return home

Police officers evacuate victim of Cipularang toll multi-vehicle collision on Monday (Sept 2, 2019). ANTARA/Ali Khumaini/Sw

Purwakarta, West Java (ANTARA) - A Korean national, Sen Hu Sop, 61, a survivor of the multi-vehicle collision on the Cipularang toll road, Purwakarta, West Java, refused medical treatment in Indonesia and asked to be sent back home.

"He wants to get back to Korea as he is willing to be treated only by a Korean medical team," Abdul Radjak Hospital Spokesman Doctor Sigit Indra Bestari noted at Purwakarta's police quarter, Wednesday. Hu Sop was taken to the hospital after suffering approximately 35 percent burns in the accident.

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The multi-vehicle crash that involved up to 20 vehicles occurred on Kilometer 91 Cipularang highway towards Jakarta Monday, September 2. Some of those vehicles burst into flames.

Eight people died, while tens of victims were injured, police noted. As many as 12 of the 24 victims who suffered minor injuries had already been sent home after being treated at a local hospital.

Others were treated at a hospital in Bekasi for nerve damage.

The government-owned social insurance company, PT Jasa Raharja, paid Rp20 million to the hospital for the treatment of the injured. They also paid Rp50 million as compensation to the families of the dead.

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