Out of 60 projects, five will join the Summit
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian delegates will be participating in the 2019 Asian Animation Summit, scheduled to take place in Seoul, South Korea from November 20 to 22. "Out of 60 projects, five will join the Summit," said Head of the Indonesian Animation and Creative Industry Association Daryl Wilson in Jakarta, Saturday.

Creators of all five projects will participate in three mentoring phases with experienced professionals and gain knowledge on ideas, businesses and presentations.

"We are preparing them so producers can be interested in their ideas," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) Triawan Munaf believed that the country's animation sector has the potential to develop further, despite the challenges that lie ahead, including funding.

In 2017, animation, which was one of BEKRAF's priority sectors, had experienced growth of about 10.30 percent.

"Animation has promising potential. Indonesia has become the second country that is being referred to by animation industry makers after China. Animation is considered a prioritized sector to be expanded due to its immense potential and the demand for it is also great," he said.

In addition to funding, other obstacles include the unavailability of platforms for collaboration and interaction between national animation stakeholders, as well as a lack of public animation creation events.

To minimize such challenges, the agency had organized the BEKRAF Animation Conference (BEACON), which provided an arena for the animation ecosystem to build business networks between individuals and animation production houses with agencies and investors, Munaf further said.
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