Armed group kidnaps three Indonesian fishermen in Lahad Datu, Malaysia

Armed group kidnaps three Indonesian fishermen in Lahad Datu, Malaysia

Illust. Kidnapping (ANTARA News/Ridwan Triatmodjo)

It is true that three Indonesians were taken hostage in Lahad Datu (Malaysia).
Nunukan, E Kalimantan (ANTARA) - Indonesian Consulate in Tawau Sulistiyo Djati Ismoyo gave confirmation of an armed group kidnapping three Indonesian fishermen in the Tambisan waters of Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia, at 11:50 a.m. local time, on Monday (Sept 23).

The Indonesian Consulate in Tawau, Sabah, has worked in close collaboration with the Malaysian Police to handle the case, Ismoyo remarked when contacted from Nunukan, North Kalimantan, on Tuesday.

"It is true that three Indonesians were held captive in Lahad Datu, Malaysia. We are still seeking valid information and working closely with the Indonesian Consulate General in Kota Kinibalu as employer of the three workers is a resident of Sandakan," he stated.

The authority is seeking information on the identity of the three fishermen, he stated.

The local media in Malaysia reported on Monday that three Indonesian fishermen are feared to have been kidnapped from a Malaysian fishing boat in the waters off Lahad Datu near the sea border with southern Philippines.

The local police obtained the report from a witness at the location.

It is believed that seven kidnap-for-ransom masked gunmen in two pump boats boarded two fishing vessels at noon on Monday (Sept 23), The Star online reported.

The gunmen opened fire at the crew and ordered the three fishermen to board their pump boat.

No crew members in the second fishing boat were abducted.

The Malaysian Marine Police only found an empty boat at the location. Related news: Two Indonesian fishermen kidnapped in Malaysia`s Semporna waters

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