All security issues must be resolved immediately, so they will not hinder local economic activities or affect the perception of foreign investors
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef) has pushed for holding intensive social dialog to allay tensions and prevent further rioting in Wamena, Papua.

"The problem in Papua is indeed quite complex. It has social and political aspects that then have implications for security and economic activities. Hence, the approach needed in solving the problem is no longer a political but social aspect, particularly in the context of bringing prosperity for the Papuan people," Director of Indef, Eko Listiyanto, stated here on Tuesday.

Furthermore, he suggested the government to conduct more intensive meetings with traditional leaders and local communities in Papua to prompting allay all surfacing tensions.

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"All security issues must be resolved immediately, so they will not hinder local economic activities or affect the perception of foreign investors. We are optimistic that riots similar to those that arose in Papua do not surface in other places since it can raise investors' concern," Listiyanto noted.

He further remarked that Papua has undeniably yet made a relatively small economic contribution to the national gross domestic product (GDP). However, Listiyanto also considered that Papua has a quite huge and increasing economic potential in future.

"The GDP is also influenced by the activities of local society," he pointed out.

Listiyanto also contended that mining and tourism are two economic sectors that can draw more investors and will eventually propel economic improvement in Papua.

"Certainly, several things had yet to be done and improved in Papua, ranging from the aspects of health, education, economic inequality, and regional isolation, to security, and it will take a long time," he remarked.

Listiyanto acknowledged the government's efforts to bring about a betterment in the condition in Papua and West Papua, one of which is apparent from the budget allocation for the Special Autonomy Fund of Papua reaching Rp8.37 trillion in the 2020 State Budget and Revenue Bill.

In the state budget bill, Rp5.86 trillion of funds were earmarked for Papua and Rp2.51 trillion for West Papua.

Moreover, the government has allocated additional funds reaching Rp4.68 trillion to develop infrastructure in Papua and West Papua. Related news: Police interrogate 733 demonstrators after rally claims four lives

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Translator: Zubi Mahrofi, Yuni Arisandy Si
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