The strength of our nation in culture and local wisdom can be our selling power
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama Kusubandio affirmed that he will conduct tourism development in Indonesia to meet the needs of tourists transcending backgrounds.

In Jakarta, Wednesday, the minister expressed regret over the polemic related to the news that said he would transform Bali and Toba into destinations to cater specially to Muslim tourists.

He believed that tourism is universal and should accommodate the needs of all people or tourists, with their varying backgrounds.

"I truly never said that I would turn Bali and Toba into destinations that would only cater to Muslim tourists," he stated.

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Wishnutama drew emphasis on the development of nature-based tourism, culture, and sustainable tourism conservation.

"The strength of our nation in culture and local wisdom can be our selling power. I never thought of developing (tourism) specifically inclined toward a particular religion," he stated.

He stated that such development aligns with his principles, as someone with a track record of tolerance and respect for differences.

As an individual growing up in an environment that values differences, Wishnutama personally identified himself as one, who respects diversity.

In fact, he views diversity, particularly in terms of culture, as the wealth of a nation that is its own attraction and uniqueness.

In future, he planned to develop the tourism and creative economy sector, with emphasis on efforts to explore local wisdom that already existed in a destination.

Wishnutama views Bali as a role model of a tourism destination that mirrors the uniqueness of the culture and nature as being the key tourist attractions that can be emulated in other destinations.

Furthermore, he stated that Toba, as a natural and cultural tourist destination, possesses its own uniqueness.

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