Hankyu Touring "Fisherman's Festival & Experience Program" in Miyagi, Northeastern Japan

Hankyu Touring "Fisherman's Festival & Experience Program" in Miyagi, Northeastern Japan

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AsiaNet 81919

SENDAI, Japan, Nov. 29, 2019 (Antara/Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet) --

- Full-scale Overseas Promotional Blitz Kicks Off in November -

HANKYU TRAVEL DMC JAPAN, a section of Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd., is planning to further expand promotional activities for the "Fisherman's Festival & Experience Program" by publicizing the project at tourism exhibitions abroad, making a sales pitch to overseas travel agencies and hosting familiarization trips, among other efforts.

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The "Fisherman's Festival & Experience Program: Fisherman's Brilliant Craftsmanship" is the Reconstruction Agency's project designed to attract inbound tourists to the coastal region of Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, by creating the hustle and bustle of the region's fishing industry through its use as tourism resources. The project seeks to create forums and opportunities for foreign tourists to exchange with local residents and Japanese tourists by developing the jobs and lives of people in the fishery and marine product-processing industries into tourism content, spotlighting craftsmen and masters, and arousing foreign tourists' interest in the region.

Under the project HANKYU TRAVEL DMC JAPAN, will develop and plan events, hands-on experience programs and travel services centering on fishery products such as Shiogama's high-grade big-eye tunas, Oku - Matsushima's brand oysters, Ishinomaki's brand "saba" (mackerel) called "Kinka Saba," artistic sushi from "Shiogama -- the Sushi town," and processed products such as tasty canned seafood and "kamaboko" (boiled fish paste). It will also propose and sell tour packages to travel companies abroad.

As for a charter cruise event in Matsushima, visitors can enjoy steamed oysters from Oku-Matsushima on an all-you-can-eat basis, comparing the tastes of three pieces of Shiogama tuna sushi, and Shiogama-jiru (popular local soup consisting of minced fish such as cod and saury, and vegetables such as radish, carrots and leeks as well as tofu and other ingredients). Visitors can also buy local "sake" rice wine and other products while enjoying interactions with local fishermen and watching traditional local performing arts. There are also plans prepared for visitors to enjoy various oyster-based dishes such as steamed oysters, oyster tempura or oyster rice, as well as eating Shiogama sushi.

There are various other programs such as visiting an oyster farm and hands-on experience in shucking oysters, as well as visiting a canning factory and trying food samples. Other programs include visiting Shiogama's fish market and eating a bowl of rice topped with "sashimi" (sliced raw fish) bought on the spot, as well as visiting a kamaboko factory for hands-on experience in grilling kamaboko by hand and enjoying a seafood barbeque.

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