Jokowi reviews border road construction aboard custom motorcycle

Jokowi reviews border road construction aboard custom motorcycle

A screenshot of the video uploaded on an Instagram account @erickthohir showed President Joko Widodo riding a custom motorcycle Kawasaki W175 in chopper style in Krayan Sub-district, Nunukan District of North Kalimantan on Thursday (Dec 19, 2019). ANTARA/Instagram @erickthohir/sh

Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) observed the progress in road construction in the border area of Indonesia and Malaysia in Krayan Sub-district, Nunukan District, North Kalimantan, on Thursday aboard a custom chopper-styled Kawasaki W175 motorcycle.

A video uploaded by State Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir on his Instagram account @erickthohir showed Jokowi in a red jacket produced by a local fashion brand "Bulls Syndicate" riding a green motorcycle customized by Katros Garage.

The Presidential Security Force's personnel followed the president on their trail motorcycles.

In the video, Thohir recorded the president's agenda to monitor the construction of the 966-kilometer road in the border area.
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"With Mr President @Jokowi visiting the border of Indonesia and Malaysia on a motorcycle. I got the ride with the Commander of the Presidential Security Force Mr Maruli," he noted.

The video showed the president's motorcycle convoy passing a stony road, hills, and forest on the left side, in the province.

In addition to Thohir, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung was also part of the convoy. He wore a green helmet while riding a Kawasaki KLX trail motorcycle.

In his Instagram account @pramonoanungw, Anung uploaded a picture of President Jokowi wearing a half face helmet.

"Visiting the Indonesia-Malaysia border in Krayan, North Kalimantan, on a trail motorcycle with President @Jokowi, down the new road constructed by the Indonesian government #kabinetindonesiamaju #bangsaku," Anung stated in his Instagram caption.

During a press conference in Krayan, President Jokowi remarked that the construction of the 966-kilometer road had been completed.

Road infrastructure is expected to boost the local economy, and the government will continue the development of infrastructure as well as human resources, Jokowi stated.

"This is the important role of infrastructure to connect different districts. Hence, the local economy can move in line with the mobility of people, goods, and commodities," the president stated.

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