Jakarta (ANTARA) - During a visit to Natuna in the Riau Islands, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is keen to ensure law enforcement pertaining to Indonesia’s sovereign rights over the profuse marine resources in Indonesia's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

"I came here (Natuna) to ensure law enforcement pertaining to our sovereign rights, the sovereign rights of our country, Indonesia, and over the wealth of our marine resources in the Exclusive Economic Zone," he remarked after visiting the KRI Usman Harun-359 military vessel at the Selat Lampa Port of Natuna, Riau Islands, on Wednesday.

He also highlighted that the presence of the Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) and the Navy force, along with the Navy battleships, aims to enforce the law against violators of the Indonesian territory.

"Why is Bakamla here? Why is the Navy here? To ensure that the law is being enforced here," he remarked.

The Indonesian Navy has deployed five warships to secure waters in the Natuna Islands in connection with foreign ships, escorted by the Coast Guard of China, trespassing on Indonesian territory. Jokowi and his entourage visited one of the ships: KRI Usman Harun-359.

KRI Usman Harun-359 is a Navy battleship with a modern combat management system qualified in its class. Among the weaponry and control subsystems, the ship is equipped with a target tracking system capable of directing the 76-millimeter Oto Melara Super Rapid Gun cannon and large-caliber machine gun barrels short over 30 millimeters in the left and right hulls of the battleship made by Britain's Damen-BAE Systems.

The latter subsystem also functions as a passive defense system of ships from surface and air attacks, specifically as a Close-in Weapon System (CIWS) that releases a veil of bullets in the face of an attack.

The weapon sensor system is also equipped with an Electro Optical Tracker System to control the cannon and visual observation by existing video cameras. As frigates, the warship is also equipped with underwater sensors possessing high level of accuracy in detecting and classifying underwater contacts, specifically the FMS 21/3 Hull Mounted Sonar made by Thales, France.
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