The main challenge faced by the city in changing the infrastructure is to ensure that the tourists kept visiting Yogyakarta.
Yogyakarta (ANTARA) - The Yogyakarta local government plans to study the necessity of a branding for Yogyakarta to support tourism promotion projected to play a central role in boosting the city's economy in the coming years.

"We will examine the need for branding in the case of Yogyakarta. Recently, there has been no special branding for Yogyakarta," Head of the Yogyakarta Regional Development Planning Agency Agus Tri Haryono stated here on Friday.

Haryono explained that the branding of Yogyakarta, known as a tourism city, is one of the crucial requirements to be fulfilled to support the tourism sector. A good city branding is viewed as being beneficial to provide tourists an initial image of Yogyakarta before visiting the city.

Currently, some of the districts in Yogyakarta Province already have a branding, such as Kulon Progo, with "The Jewel of Java" and Sleman, with "The Living Culture". Moreover, the branding "Never Ending Asia" once for Yogyakarta had been changed to "Special Yogyakarta".

Haryono further explained that the tourism promotion strategy adopted in Yogyakarta still relies on the 3A+P principles that stand for amenity, attraction, accessibility, and promotion.

"The city branding should be assisted for tourism promotion," he stated.

The government has to make extensive preparations to change the tourism infrastructure, including shifting all flights to the new Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulon Progo Districts and additional infrastructure, such as toll roads, he affirmed.

"Tourists should be able to experience something new while visiting Yogyakarta. One option is by organizing the sidewalk on Jalan Margo Utomo, so that it can be well-contrived akin to Malioboro Street," he emphasized.

One of the main spots that could attract tourists is the culinary spot on Margo Utomo Road, specifically angkringan -- derived from the Javanese word ‘Angkring’, which means sit down, is a pushcart that sells an array of foods and beverages and coffee.

"The level of hygiene should be enhanced, so that the number of visitors can increase," he stated.

Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta Heroe Poerwadi reminded all parties, including tourism stakeholders, to not be late in taking precautionary measures against various changes that might be experienced by Yogyakarta City, with the addition of tourism infrastructure.

"The important thing to do is to maintain and improve the comfort factor in the city. For instance, increasing tracks in the same direction, so there is no traffic jam," Poerwadi stated.

The main challenge faced by the city in changing the infrastructure is to ensure that the tourists kept visiting Yogyakarta.

"Do not let Yogyakarta only be passed by the tourists. Hence, all parties must start preparing to welcome these changes," he added.


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