This event is held to encourage universality in the UN's convention against torture, which was ratified in 1984
Jakarta (ANTARA) - In between the 43rd United Nations Security Council Session in Geneva, Switzerland, Monday, February 24, Indonesia initiated an event on the sidelines themed the UN's Human Rights Convention Against Torture Initiative. The activity was conducted with members of the Convention Against Torture Initiative (CTI) core group which include Chile, Denmark, Fiji, Ghana, and Morocco.

"This event is held to encourage universality in the UN's convention against torture, which was ratified in 1984," said Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi in a statement received here, Tuesday.

Until now, 169 countries have become participants at the convention. All UN member countries are expected to become participants by 2024, as per the target decided upon.

"I am certain many more will join and become parties to the convention. In recent years, the Asia Pacific Region has shown a positive trend. In 2019, for example, four countries in the Region have joined, namely Angola, Grenada, Kiribati and Samoa," she continued.

In the meeting, Indonesia emphasized the importance of cooperation and international collaboration in implementing the convention.

Technical aid to countries, to implement the convention, through capacity building for law enforcement is very much needed.

"There is no 'one-size-fits-all' formula, and for that reason, learning the processes from peer countries is very important," she said.

International cooperation has been conducted by Indonesia with Norway, which provided training in investigative interview procedures for law enforcement.

This training will increase the capacity of law enforcement so that it can prevent human rights violations in investigations and increase public confidence in Indonesian law enforcement.

Initiatives to encourage the universality of the Convention Against Torture have been established since 2014.

This initiative has launched two tools to implement the Convention against Torture, including complaints and investigations and non-admission of torture-tainted evidence. Both guide practitioners and policy makers to effectively implement various convention provisions.

This activity was not only attended by UN member states but also by non-governmental organizations, activists and global human rights activists.

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