Community awareness and independence will greatly support the efforts to prevent and deal with the outbreak
Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA) - Some 140 portable sinks, or hand wash basins, were installed at several public facilities and areas in Surabaya, East Java, to encourage people to diligently wash hands to prevent the contagion of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

These portable sinks had been installed since the start of March at schools, government buildings, parks, culinary tourism centers, markets, and other public areas, Surabaya city's Head of Building Affairs of Department of Public Housing and Residence Areas, Iman Kristian, stated here on Tuesday.

Kristian spoke of those 140 portable sinks being installed at 59 schools, 30 local government offices, nine public parks and tourist attractions, 24 markets, and 18 other public places.

He also ensured that the Surabaya government will install additional portable sinks in the city in line with the community requirements, especially at schools.

"Some schools already have a sink in front of every classroom. Hence, students do not have to get in a long queue when they are looking to wash their hands," he stated.

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Kristian further noted that the public sinks will be installed permanently at several strategic public areas in the city for long-term use.

Hence, Surabaya residents are expected to maintain personal hygiene by following basic practices, including washing hands.

"Community awareness and independence will greatly support the efforts to prevent and deal with the outbreak. It is pointless to provide a sink if it is not really used," he stressed.

In addition, Krisitian expressed hope that such an effort to install more sinks can be made by owners and managers of buildings, including malls, offices, shopping centers, and various other public places.

"We are optimistic that some initiatives would be taken by the building manager to install necessary public sanitation facilities in their respective buildings and places," he stated.

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