Jakarta (ANTARA) - Grab and Gojek, as providers of online on-demand services in Indonesia, have put in place social distancing to ensure the health of drivers and customers of their food delivery services.

"Gojek ecosystem comprises hundreds of millions of individuals, and we believe that Gojek's preventive efforts can have a huge impact on slowing or preventing the spread of COVID-19," said Gojek Co-CEO Kevin Aluwi in a press release received here on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Grab Indonesia stated that it has taken some additional measures to protect the health of its drivers.

"We have put in place additional preventive efforts and support packages to protect the health and well-being of our partner drivers and customers," said the Managing Director of Grab Indonesia, Neneng Goenadi.

Gojek and Grab is practicing a safe-distance service for the well-being of drivers and customers' health. Grab also regularly measures the body temperature of its drivers, especially those who are involved in the food delivery service.

Gojek, on its GoFood service, has put in place a contactless delivery service and contactless drivers, who are supported by quick message text option updates --an automatic reply on Gojek app's chat feature.

The feature was created by Gojek soon after the work from home movement was begun to reduce direct physical contact between people.

Gojek has been offering work from home (WFH) for its employees in its Jakarta headquarters, and has begun the same policy in its branches in India, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Similarly, Grab has put in place a safe distance for GrabFood and GrabExpress services. With guidance offered by Grab, customers can ask deliverers to place ordered goods outside their doors or at a specific location that has been agreed upon.

For such service, Grab suggested customers use non-cash payments to support contactless services.

Moreover, the two providers of on-demand services also have equipped their drivers with masks and hand sanitizers to protect their health.

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Reporter: Natisha Andarningtyas, Yuni Ar
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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