Jakarta's emergency hospital declines below 15-year-old patients

Jakarta's emergency hospital declines below 15-year-old patients

Officers prepare medical devices at Emergency Hospital for COVID-19, Wisma Atlet complex in Kemayoran, Jakarta. (Antara Foto / GALIH PRADIPTA)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The recently opened Emergency Hospital for COVID-19 in Kemayoran is not accepting patients below 15 years of age or belonging to the category of children, Jakarta Military Commander (Pangdam Jaya) Maj. Gen. Eko Margiyono stated.

"I conveyed that while admitting patients, the minimum age should be 15 years and above. Hence, we will not accept children," Maj. Gen. Eko stated at BNPB on Thursday.

The emergency hospital has laid out several patient criteria, with the first being that people from the category of People in Monitoring (ODP) aged 60 years and above while Patients under Surveillance (PDP) in the age group of 15 years and above.

"Hence, with some measures, the first criteria for ODP is being more than 60 years of age. As for PDP, the complaints are mild, mild to moderate, and being more than 15 years of age," Pangdam Jaya stated.

Furthermore, Eko revealed that the emergency hospital had received patients from outside the Greater Jakarta area, including Surabaya and Semarang. Nevertheless, these patients are still accepted.

"We are also keen to convey that this hospital aims to accommodate patients, who are in Greater Jakarta," Eko stated.

"However, in reality, on the first day, there were patients coming from Surabaya and Semarang. However, we will still accept," he explained.

Meanwhile, the number of patients currently being treated at the Emergency Hospital has reached 208 as of Thursday (Mar 26) morning.

The Athlete Dormitory Building (Wisma Atlet) transformed into the Emergency Hospital for COVID-19 was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on March 23, 2020.

Despite a capacity to accommodate 12 thousand people, the hospital could currently only house three thousand in the first stage.

The hospital is one of the efforts to minimize the number of patients in referral hospitals.

Meanwhile, as of Wednesday (Mar 25), the government reported 790 positive cases of COVID-19, with 58 dead patients and 31 people recovering.  Related news: Two other Wisma Atlet towers can accommodate more COVID-19 patients
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