We want to ensure that all OTGs and ODPs in Makassar are quarantined at the hotels we have prepared.
Makassar, S Sulawesi (ANTARA) - The South Sulawesi provincial government has prepared 1,974 rooms at 24 hotels in the provincial capital of Makassar to quarantine asymptomatic people (OTG) and people under surveillance (ODP) for coronavirus infection.

"We want to ensure that all OTGs and ODPs in Makassar are quarantined at the hotels we have prepared," South Sulawesi Governor M. Nurdin Abdullah said while visiting the Command Post of the COVID-19 Task Force here on Tuesday.

It is difficult to predict whether people who look healthy have been exposed to the virus, he stated.

Hence, OTGs and ODPs must be quarantined to stop them from interacting with other people although they can self-isolate at home, he pointed out.

"Quarantining them at hotels will be far more effective. We will provide them with better nutrition. We will increase their immunity to (help them) beat the virus as soon as possible," he explained.

He said the provincial government has readied a number of hotels to quarantine OTGs and ODPs, as well as hotels where medical workers can rest without having to return home.

"We have prepared the SwissBell and Sheraton hotels for OTGs and ODPs, and the Grand Sayang Hotel for doctors and other medical workers. We have also instructed Mr. Mayor to put OTGs and ODPs on the quarantine list at the hotels," the Governor added.

He highlighted the importance of taking preventive measures against the virus seriously.

"Don't consider the disease to be a sin. What we want to quarantine is the virus, and not the people, so that they recover soon and do not transmit the virus to other people," he noted. (INE)

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