Indonesian Parliament rejects Israel's West Bank annexation

Indonesian Parliament rejects Israel's West Bank annexation

Abdul Kharis Almasyari. (ANTARA)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - House of Representatives' Commission I Deputy Chairman Abdul Kharis Almasyari affirmed that the House's Commission I had adopted a firm stance against the proposed West Bank annexation and rejected efforts constituting Israeli occupation of Palestine.

"This is since the West Bank seizure will add to the long list of human rights violations in Palestine against civil society, especially women and children," Almasyari noted in a statement here on Tuesday.

Almasyari remarked that the House of Representatives' Commission I had gauged the current situation of the Middle East in connection with Israel's annexation plan to occupy and expand settlements for Israelis in the occupied Palestinian territories that cover most of the Jordan Valley, which was one-third of the West Bank and North region of the Dead Sea.

The House's Commission I deputy chairman affirmed that the Israeli military occupation of the region would not only involve Israel and the Palestinians but would further become a roadblock to the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, fuel regional instability, and impact the global situation.

"The House of Representatives' Commission I considers Israel's annexation of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley as the ideals of the Israeli occupiers to seize the entire Palestinian land and destroy the Palestinian nation," he noted.

According to the PKS politician, the House of Representatives' Commission I strongly denounced Israel's annexation of the West Bank since it viewed that the action ran counter to the international law, parameters, principles, and agreements, particularly with the resolutions of the Security Council and the UN General Assembly regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Almasyari remarked that Commission I of the Indonesian Parliament, as a representation of Indonesians, has lent consistent support in the struggle of the public and the Palestinian people to achieve independence and sovereignty.

"In line with this, the Commission I requests the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to optimize diplomacy bilaterally and multilaterally to jointly engage the global community, with a real rejection of efforts to seize the West Bank region and voice the Palestinian struggle for freedom, humanity, justice, and rights to return to their ancestral lands," he emphasized.

Almasyari urged the United Nations, organizations, and the international community to intervene in the crisis situation in Palestine by prioritizing humanitarian measures for the protection of Palestinian civilians, who were victims of a deteriorating humanitarian situation, including those arrested, tortured, and also murdered by Israeli authorities.

He also appealed to all members of Parliament and governments around the globe along with the international community to fight for a peaceful resolution for an independent Palestine.

"World leaders and parliamentarians worldwide must unite to prevent annexation and protect the prospects of a two-state solution and the best resolution to end Israeli occupation of Palestine," he stated.

Almasyari believes this was in line with the resolution of the UN General Assembly No. 181 of 1947 that gave the mandate for the establishment of an Arab state (Palestine) and a Jewish state (Israel), each having an independent status, with Jerusalem as a territory under the international authority or special international regime and given separate legal or political status.

Commission I had urged the international community to maintain the principles of multilateralism hinged on a rules-based world order for realizing world stability and security in the long run, Almasyari stated.

"The world’s failure to respond to the threat of Israeli annexation of the West Bank is a serious threat to the pattern of international relations and will only provide a loophole for many other countries to seize/ annex, with territorial claims that disregard the principles of international law," he emphasized. Related news: PKS denounces Israel's West Bank annexation plan
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