Kendari, SE Sulawesi (ANTARA) - Floods inundated 64 villages in 18 sub-districts in Konawe District, Southeast Sulawesi Province, thereby leading to the forced displacement of thousands of local residents.

Flooding affected 3,963 families comprising 12,214 people, and 1,113 families (3,945 people) that were compelled to move to a safer place, according to data of the Konawe disaster mitigation office (BPBD).

The floods were triggered by unremitting torrential rains that caused the rivers of Konaweeha, Lahambuti, and Rawaopa to overflow their banks.

The 18 affected sub-districts comprise Anggota, Lambuya, Bondoala, Pondidaha, Tongaona, North Tongaona, Abuki, Latoma, Wonggeduku, Sampara, Puriala, Wawotobi, Amonggedo, Kopoiala, Padangguni, Routa, Anggaberi, and Morosi.

The floods submerged 1,981 homes, 10 mosques, 10 temples, 15 bridges, four community health centers (puskesmas), three markets, six elementary schools, and four junior high schools.

Furthermore, 17,800 hectares of rice fields, 4,150 hectares of vegetable and fruit fields, and 120 hectares of cocoa plantation were swamped by the floods.

The Konawe authorities have coordinated to facilitate the evacuation process; distribution of food, drinking water, and medicines; as well as the provision of health services in isolated locations, including Anggota, Anggaberi, Amonggedo, Sampara, Wawotobi, Latoma, and Pondidaha sub-districts.

Flood victims are currently facing a dire shortage of clothing, blankets, gloves, mats, canned fish, cooking oil, milk, medicines, and mosquito repellents, among other things.

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