Vehicles cannot pass the flooded roads due to the strong current. Local villagers are using rafts to travel
Kendari, SE Sulawesi (ANTARA) - Floods have cut off road links to three villages in two sub-districts of North Konawe District in Southeast Sulawesi Province over the last several days.

The three flood-affected villages are Tambakua in Landowia sub-district, and Sambandete and Puuhialu in Oheo sub-district, Aminuddin, a spokesperson for the North Konawe District Administration, said here on Tuesday.

The inhabitants of the villages have stayed put at their homes, where flood waters have not reached. However, roads in the areas have been completely inundated, isolating the residents.

"Vehicles cannot pass the flooded roads due to the strong current. Local villagers are using rafts to travel," the spokesperson informed.

The local authorities have prepared evacuation plans in the event the rains continue unabated in the areas.

Earlier, North Konawe witnessed major flooding following incessant and heavy rain between June 13 and June 15, 2020, leading to three rivers — Lalindu, Landawe, and Lasolo — breaching their banks and displacing thousands of local villagers.

The Southeast Sulawesi provincial administration has declared an emergency status for 14 days (June 17 to 30) due to the natural disaster.

As many as 2,208 people from 19 villages in six sub-districts have been affected by the floods so far.

The affected villages include Puusuli, Puuwonua, Laronanga, and Labungga in the sub-district of Andowia; and, Pondoa, Lamonae Utama, Padalere Utama, and TransPadalere in the Wiwirano sub-district.

Other sub-districts affected by the flooding are Langgikima, Landawe, Asera, and Oheo.

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