Floods inundate 1,119 homes in five sub-districts in Aceh Jaya

Floods inundate 1,119 homes in five sub-districts in Aceh Jaya

Flooding in Panga Sub-district, Aceh Jaya District, Aceh Province, on July 28, 2020. (ANTARA/HO.Dok BPBD Aceh Jaya)

Meulaboh, Aceh (ANTARA) - Floodwaters, reaching up to a meter in height, submerged 1,119 homes in five sub-districts in Aceh Jaya District, Aceh Province,

The floods were triggered by incessant heavy rains that led to local rivers overflowing their banks, Head of the Aceh Jaya Disaster Mitigation Office (BPBK), Fajri, stated in Calang on Tuesday.

In Darul Hikmah Sub-district, floods swamped 55 homes in Babah Dua Village, 51 homes in Masen Village, 43 homes in Lam Teungoh Village, 27 homes in Panton Krueng Village, 24 homes in Gampong Baro Village, 21 homes in Ujong Rimba Village, and 10 homes in Paya Santet Village.

In Panga Sub-district, flooding inundated several homes in Gunong Mantok Village; 87 homes in Tuwie Empeuk Village; 80 homes in Glee Putoh; 64 homes in Alue Raya Village, 60 homes in Gunoeng Meulinteung Village, 57 homes in Pantong Krueng Village; 50 homes each in the villages of Batee Meutudong, Babah Ceupan, and Gunong Buloh; 33 homes in Alue Teungoh Village, 15 homes in Ladang Baro Village, 13 homes in Alue Teungoh Village, and seven homes in Tuwie Kayee Village.

In Krueng Sabee Sub-district, floods also submerged 107 homes in Alue Tho Village and 125 homes in Curek Village.

In Setia Bakti Sub-district, floods inundated 46 homes in Sapek Village, 30 homes in Baroh Village, 12 homes in Lhok Bot Village, four homes in Gle Subak Village, and several others in Pante Kuyun Village.

"In Sampoi Niet Sub-district, Aceh Jaya, floods hit the Alue Groe Village," he remarked.

All flood victims chose to stay in their respective homes despite the flooding.

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