Jakarta Police detain some 400 demonstrators from anarchic group

Jakarta Police detain some 400 demonstrators from anarchic group

Tens of teenagers joining a rally against the Job Creation Law are arrested by the Jakarta Police in the Banteng Square area on Oct 8, 2020. (ANTARA/Laily Rahmawaty)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta's Metro Jaya Police arrested some 400 demonstrators purportedly of an anarchic group following workers’ strike and rallies to protest the House of Representatives’ approved omnibus law called Job Creation Law, Oct 5, until Wednesday.

"Yes, about 400 people were demonstrating," Senior Commissioner Yusri Yunus, the Jakarta Police’s spokesman, noted here on Thursday.

The police were investigating information on allegations that demonstrators were paid for a demonstration that escalated into chaos in the capital city, he remarked.

The Jakarta police received a tip-off of teen demonstrators having received a chain message inviting them to protest and act anarchically.

"We have evaluated everything. This is because those, who are not teachers or students, harbor intentions of triggering a riot. Hence, we detain them," he stated while referring to the ongoing demonstration that involved workers, university students, and vocational school students, among others.

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Yunus explained that the Metro Jaya Police had received a notification on the planned demonstrations on Oct 5-8, 2020, but the police did not issue a permit for the rally in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organizing a rally amid the pandemic can further trigger the transmission of COVID-19.

On Thursday noon, police officers again arrested some 70 people suspected of being anarchic groups orchestrating to create chaos around Asia Afrika Senayan, Senayan Portal, Veteran Street, Pancoran, Palmerah, and other areas.

The Jakarta Metro Police deployed over nine thousand personnel as a precautionary measure against protests over the controversial law.

"From Monday (October 5) until this Thursday, as many as 9,346 of our personnel are constantly on guard along with 10 company units. They will also be stationed as a precautionary measure for today's event," Yunus remarked.

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