Jakarta (ANTARA) - Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Anwar Makarim invited youngsters to better respond to the anxiety triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic with a solution.

"It has been over seven months since Indonesia and the world have been struggling in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. All strata of society, without exception, are going through difficult times. However, uneasiness will lead to nowhere if we cannot find a solution to rise together," Nadiem noted in his statement to mark Youth Pledge Day in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Nadiem invited the younger generation to rekindle the spirit of the 1928 Youth Congress.

"We respond to restlessness with a solution," he affirmed.

The Youth Pledge on October 28, 1928, demonstrated that young people were able to find a way around the restlessness in pursuit of a solution

Youngsters were able to be the drivers of the movement towards progress.

"This difficult period must serve as a learning to strengthen mental fortitude and character, as well as create a space for creativity. It is time for us, Indonesian youth, to unite and rise up as well as create breakthroughs and innovations that will help this nation surmount over limitations," he stated.

The minister also recalled that 92 years ago, a piece of paper became an impetus that changed fate. A simple thing but capable of producing something extraordinary.

For creating breakthroughs through innovation, merely speaking about results will not suffice, but a series of processes that can be started right from the smallest idea will help.

"First, we set clear and measurable goals. If they cannot be measured, how do we know that progress was achieved?" he emphasized.

Second, a winning outlook that is ready for any outcome. If you are unable to accept failure as a valuable lesson, new challenges will always be perceived as risks rather than opportunities.

Unstoppable belief is the third crucial aspect wherein regardless of how big or complicated a problem might be, one believes there must be a solution.

"I aspire that the younger generation will innovate a lot, so that we can take Indonesia to a more advanced and prosperous place," the minister reiterated.
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