COVID-19: Indonesia logs 501,376 recoveries, 611,631 cases

COVID-19: Indonesia logs 501,376 recoveries, 611,631 cases

A COVID-19 test under way in Borobudur area, Central Java. (ANTARA/Anis Efizudin)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia has registered 611,631 COVID-19 infections, 501,376 recoveries, and 18,653 deaths since the government announced the first two cases on March 2, 2020, according to the Task Force for COVID-19 Handling.

The country added 4,490 recoveries, 6,388 fresh cases, and 142 deaths in the 24 hours ending Saturday, it said.

West Java reported the highest number of new infections at 1,283, followed by Central Java (992), Jakarta (951), East Java (769), Yogyakarta (227), and South Sulawesi (226).

The task force also recorded 62,224 suspected COVID-19 cases. Meanwhile, the number of specimens examined by laboratories per day reached 59,388. This indicates Indonesia's laboratory testing capacity is expanding, it said.

COVID-19 cases were reported from 510 districts and cities in 34 provinces across the country, it added.

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West Java recorded the highest number of patients recovering from COVID-19 at 1,003, followed by Jakarta (928), East Java (529), Central Java (371), and Riau (225).

Cumulatively, the highest number of confirmed cases were reported by Jakarta (151,201), followed by East Java (69,130), Central Java (65,600), and West Java (65,355).

The highest cumulative number of recoveries were seen in Jakarta (136,406), followed by East Java (59,800), West Java (53,642), and Central Java (43,983). (INE)

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