Jayapura awaits Intan Jaya government's report on district's condition

Jayapura awaits Intan Jaya government's report on district's condition

Intan Jaya residents report to the Sugapa police office in Intan Jaya, about the shooting of a civilian by an armed criminal group (KKB) led by Undius Kogoya. (ANTARA/HO/Humas Polda Papua)

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - The Papua provincial administration in Jayapura awaits the Intan Jaya government's official report on the district's condition, as armed criminals operating there continue to commit acts of terror against security personnel and civilians.

Papua provincial government's secretary, Doren Wakerkwa, stated that the report on Intan Jaya's general condition of public services, communities, and security and stability situation is expected to be sent immediately.

Wakerkwa noted in Jayapura, the capital of Papua Province, on Tuesday that the provincial administration was aware of the ground reality in Intan Jaya though nonetheless awaited the district government's official report.

However, the Intan Jaya district government had yet to submit the report amid the spate of violence gripping the district's administrative areas over the past two years.

The district's residents are in need of assistance, for which the Papua provincial government is willing to help cater to its people's needs if help is sought, he remarked.

On February 15, 2021, several armed Papuan criminals engaged in a gunfight with Indonesian army personnel in Mamba Village, Sugapa Sub-district, Intan Jaya District, resulting in a soldier being killed.

On the same day, a joint team of the Indonesia Defence Forces (TNI) and police personnel shot dead three armed Papuan criminals that had attempted to take hold of the rifles of several security personnel, who had secured the Sugapa public health center.

The Indonesian province of Papua has borne witness to a spate of violence, with armed Papuan groups in the districts of Intan Jaya, Nduga, and Puncak targeting civilians and security personnel over the past two years.

Intan Jaya recorded its bloodiest month in September 2020, with notorious armed groups launching a series of attacks in the area that claimed the lives of two soldiers and two civilians and left two others injured.

Armed Papuan groups have continued their acts of terror during the new year. On January 6, 2021, some 10 armed Papuans vandalized and torched a Quest Kodiak aircraft belonging to the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) at the Pagamba Village airstrip.

The armed groups often employ hit-and-run tactics against Indonesian security personnel, while they unleash acts of terror against civilians to instill a sense of fear among the people.

On February 8, 2021, an armed rebel reportedly shot a 32-year-old man at close range in Bilogai Village, Sugapa Sub-district.

The victim, identified by his initials as RNR, sustained gunshot wounds on the face and right shoulder and was taken to the Timika Public Hospital in Mimika District on February 9.

On February 9, 2021, six armed Papuans fatally stabbed a motorcycle taxi (ojek) driver.

The 40-year-old driver, identified as Rusman HR alias Aco, was reportedly stabbed on a street near Ilambet Village in Ilaga Sub-district, Puncak District.

The local police reported that the driver sustained serious stab wounds on the back while attempting to escape his attackers and died of exsanguination.
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