In 2021, the National Police uncovered 19,229 drug cases by securing 24,878 suspects
Jakarta (ANTARA) - National Police Chief General Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo highlighted that his institution had unearthed 19,229 drug abuse cases in 2021 by securing 24,878 suspects.

"In 2021, the National Police uncovered 19,229 drug cases by securing 24,878 suspects," National Police Chief Prabowo stated at the Commission III Working Meeting (Raker) of the Indonesian House of Representatives at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

With the cases coming to light, Prabowo noted that evidence was obtained in the form of 7,696 kilograms of methamphetamine, 2,100 kilograms of marijuana, 7.3 kilograms of heroin, 34.3 kilograms of gorilla tobacco, and 239,277 pills of ecstasy.

He noted that the pieces of evidence secured with the uncovering of the cases were valued at Rp11.66 trillion.

"The evidence secured was worth Rp11.66 trillion and saved 39.24 million people from drug abuse," he remarked.

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The National police chief shed light on the modus operandi for drugs in Indonesia, such as being disguised or wrapped in various goods imported into Indonesia or through the ship to ship method or smuggling between ships through ports.

Sigit expounded that the entry of drugs into Indonesia cannot be separated from the influence of international drug syndicates: the Golden Triangle Syndicate, Golden Crescent Syndicate, and the Indonesia-Dutch Syndicate.

"We will continue to conduct law enforcement against drug trafficking as an effort to eradicate this from the upstream. However, in future, the police will work on the activities of the Drug Resilient Village," he stated.

Prabowo remarked that with the establishment of the Drug Resilient Village, the community has the power to prevent, deter, and fight against drug abuse at the village level.

The national police chief is optimistic that after the community develops the power of deterrence, the public will develop greater courage to report information on drug trafficking.
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