More COVID-19 patients in Banten's Lebak recover: task force

More COVID-19 patients in Banten's Lebak recover: task force

Lebak District COVID-19 Task Force speaker Dr Firman Rahmatullah.

Lebak, Banten (ANTARA) - Lebak District COVID-19 Task Force Spokesperson Dr Firman Rahmatullah disclosed that 159 COVID-19 patients in Lebak District, Banten, had recovered from the disease. 

Rahmatullah stated in Lebak on Tuesday that the recovery rate was improving, as compared to Monday (Aug 23), when only 127 people had recovered.

After hospitalization, the people, who made recovery, also underwent self-isolation at home, under the monitoring of the village task force and public health centers.

Moreover, several patients also underwent isolation at the Banten Social Services Office building on Siliwangi Rangkasbitung Road that was the designated isolation center provided by the regional government.

On an average, patients, who recovered, underwent a fortnight of treatment before being declared healthy and being allowed to return home.

The number of people undergoing self-isolation decreased by 160, from 839 patients to 559.

Rahmatullah remarked that he and his team believed that the condition of patients that recovered from COVID-19 would get better in a week.

A total of 8,040 patients recovered from COVID-19 in the region, out of the 8,804 infected people.

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The regional government continues to push for the implementation of 3T, which are testing, tracing, and treatment, in order to suppress the rampant spread of COVID-19 in that area.

Rahmatullah opined that by optimizing the 3T protocols, it would be easier to detect positive cases among members of the public. After a person has been confirmed positive for COVID-19, treatment can be started immediately to halt the spread of coronavirus infection.

His team also urged the public to adhere to health protocols, including by wear masks, maintaining safe distance, washing hands, reducing mobility, and avoiding crowding.

Moreover, vaccination programs were also conducted in villages, sub-districts, and districts.

"We laud the public here, as they have high interest to get vaccinated in order to stem the spread of coronavirus," Rahmatullah affirmed.

According to the Lebak COVID-19 data as per Monday, August 23, a total of 8,805 people were infected, out of which 8,040 made a recovery, 559 were undergoing self-isolation, and 205 had succumbed to the disease.

On August 22, Lebak recorded a total of 8,796 infected patients, with 7,754 having made a recovery, 839 having either undergone self-isolation or hospitalization, and 204 succumbed to the disease.

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