Palangka Raya Mayor confirms 10,323 COVID-19 recoveries since 2020

Palangka Raya Mayor confirms 10,323 COVID-19 recoveries since 2020

Palangka Raya Mayor Fairid Naparin. (ANTARA/Rendhik Andika)

Palangka Raya, C Kalimantan (ANTARA) - Palangka Raya Mayor Fairid Naparin confirmed that 10,323 people had recovered in the capital city of Central Kalimantan Province ever since the first case was identified in 2020.

"The number of patients in Palangka Raya that made a recovery from COVID-19 climbed to 10,323 after an additional 50 patients recovered," Naparin stated here on Thursday.

The mayor remarked that the recovery rate was pegged at 84.20 percent of the total 12,260 positive cases.

Naparin added that the recovery rate had increased daily in Palangka Raya. On Tuesday, a recovery rate of 84.12 percent was recorded, while on Wednesday, the figure went up to 84.20 percent.

Despite the good news, Naparin urged the public to always follow a disciplined approach in adhering to the set health protocols.

Until last Wednesday, the COVID-19 Task Force had recorded an additional 48 cases of COVID-19 in that area.

The Palangka Raya COVID-19 Task Force revealed that treatment was still underway for 1,465, or 11.95 percent of the total positive cases.

Moreover, 472 people in Palangka Raya had succumbed to the disease.

The data was collected from all parts of Palangka Raya City that has 30 villages. A decline in the number of COVID-19 cases was the result of the government's concern and commitment to conducting tracing and tracking activities, the mayor noted.

The mayor remarked that the Palangka Raya city government, through the COVID-19 Task Force, had made efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19, ranging from disseminating information, conducting early detection, and ensuring security in the case-handling process.

The city government has appealed to the public to follow health protocols to minimize the potential risks of the pandemic protracting for an indefinite period of time.

They also implemented stricter micro-scale community activity restrictions to reinforce prevention and COVID-19 handling at a smaller scale.

"The enforcement of micro-scale community activity restriction is also effective in prevention, early detection, and implementation of health protocols. Hence, we will continue to conduct community involvement right up to the RT/RW level," Naparin concluded.

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