Grogol state elementary school students begin face-to-face learning

Grogol state elementary school students begin face-to-face learning

Limited face-to-face learning session at the SDN 11 Grogol state elementary school, West Jakarta, on Monday. (ANTARA/Walda/my)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - A total of 42 students of the SDN 11 Grogol state elementary school, West Jakarta, participated in limited face-to-face learning sessions on Monday.

"This school is allowed to conduct limited face-to-face learning sessions, as it has passed the verification of the Jakarta Education Office regarding the readiness of its facilities and infrastructure," Head of the West Jakarta Education and Education Personnel Section Masduki stated in West Jakarta.

Masduki remarked that the school verification process was conducted on Saturday (Aug 28), and they had met the requirements.

Masduki noted that the 42 students of three classes comprising a third grade class and two classes of fourth grade partook in the limited face-to-face learning at the school that day.

"Even so, the capacity per class is only (capped at) 50 percent. Hence, if we count, there are 42 students (in total) from three classes," he noted.

Teachers and students are required to wear masks and sit at a certain distance from one another.

Before entering the class, all students and teachers must wash their hands first.

Masduki expected that the limited face-to-face learning session that day could run smoothly, so that face-to-face teaching and learning activities can gradually be conducted normally.

Public Relations of the Jakarta Education Office Taga Radja Gah noted that limited face-to-face learning was conducted alternately with distance or online learning. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the school will hold limited face-to-face learning sessions, and the classes will be disinfected on Tuesday and Thursday.

"The maximum capacity per class is (capped at) 50 percent, and the maximum learning duration is until 12 noon (local time)," Gah stated.

According to Gah, the agency also requires students partaking in face-to-face learning sessions to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and have the parental consent.

Gah noted that currently, 659,684, or 92.5 percent, of the 716,739 students of Jakarta of the age bracket of 12-17 years had been vaccinated, while the remaining 50,836, or 7.15 percent, had not received their vaccine.

"This means they are from grade 5 and 6 of elementary school, and then junior high, high school, vocational school," he stated.

Gah remarked that vaccination for teachers and school staff was considered complete, as most of the unvaccinated were those with comorbidities.

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