Graduation of BEKAL Pemimpin 2.0, Passes 58 Candidate Leaders of Change of Natural Resources Management Of Indonesia

Graduation of BEKAL Pemimpin 2.0, Passes 58 Candidate Leaders of Change of Natural Resources Management Of Indonesia

Vice President United In Diversity (UID), Dr. Suyoto

Jakarta (ANTARA) - United In Diversity (UID) affirms its commitment to support the government to encourage sustainable economic growth. One of them is through a scholarship program entitled "BEKAL (Managing Natural Resources Sustainably and Fairly Together) Leaders". This BEKAL Pemimpin Scholarship is given to Emerging Leaders, namely young leaders or prospective leaders who are under 40 years of age.

On Sunday (12/9/2021), BEKAL Pemimpin conducted the graduation of the second term, by graduating 58 young people from 22 provinces in Indonesia who are ready to become young leaders in environmental field capable to drive social transformation towards equitable, sustainable, and locally-wisdom-contained management of Indonesia's natural resources (SDA). This BEKAL Pemimpin program produces 10 groups of prototype solutions that raise the seeds of positive change in various sectors in natural resource management (SDA).

In his address, Dr. Suyoto as the Vice President of UID, said Bekal Pemimpin is present to realize the contribution to Indonesia and the world in building the characteristics of future leaders. "One of the missions of UID is to grow and to foster cadres of the next generation of natural resource managers (SDA). Through the BEKAL Pemimpin Program we hope that the resulting prototyping can contribute to Indonesia and the world through the management of SDA, leader characteristics and social, cultural and technological improvement," said the man who is often called Kang Yoto.

The David &Lucile Packard Foundation represented by Mr. James McCaul explained that the support given to the BEKAL Pemimpin program is to provide encouragement for organizations to create leaders who have characteristics in managing SDA for common development. "It's rare for an organization to support an activity such as this. We see that with the support provided, it can create the future of Indonesia and the world through good SDA management," explained James.

This event was attended by several high state officials including Deputy Chairman of MPR (Parliament) Lestari Murdijat, Deputy Minister of Environment and Forestry ALue Dohong and Deputy Minister of Agrarian affairs and Spatial Planning Surya Tjandra. In his speech, Vice Chairman of MPR Lestari Murdijat fully supported this activity and advised the graduates that this was an extraordinary Journey. "Congratulations to the graduates of the 2nd term of BEKAL Pemimpin. This is an extraordinary journey. This is a provision for all of you as a prospective leader to be able to contribute to Indonesia and the world through the process of learning journey and life journey," explained Lestari Murdijat.

Deputy Minister of Environment and Forestry Alue Dohong appreciates and hopes that the prototype developed can run well. "I appreciate the participants who have participated in the 2021 Bekal Pemimpin, hopefully you can make the best contribution to the community. Especially for participants who are engaged in sustainable and conservation-based development," Deputy minister told the participants.

Deputy Minister of Agrarian affairs and Spatial Planning Surya Tjandra, who was also attended the graduation inauguration of BEKAL Pemimpin scholarship recipient warmly welcomed the program conducted by UID. According to him, the more Bekal Pemimpin leaders created, the faster toward-better development in Indonesia will be achieved.

The graduates of Bekal Pemimpin also expressed their pride and readiness in carrying out the prototyping that has been approved. Simon Rafael, one of the graduates of BEKAL Pemimpin from The Salvation Army Indonesia with "Kepak Emas" prototyping said that that the activity must have an impact not only for us but also for the others." At BEKAL Pepmimpin, we unite our frequencies in order to unite the best resonance for the society, the nature and also to realize the prototype that we have designed," Simon told the participants.

Another graduate, Maya Patriani from the Indonesian Nature Conservation Foundation with her prototyping Bhuna NHIMM, expressed her pride for the opportunity to join in this very constructive activity. "There are not many institutions that can provide this kind of activity. The provision given at this event is very extraordinary because it comes from extraordinary organizers and sources", Maya said at the on-line graduation.

The 10 (Ten) prototyping ideas are:

Kepak Emas
Creates a multi-stakeholder forum that cares about and maintains the ecosystem and conservation of Junai Emas bird as an icon of local pride in the Wallacea area, Central Halmahera.

Fosters collaboration of nature and cultural preservation of traditional woven fabrics at Bannae Village, Timor Tengah Utara Regency, Nusa TenggaraTimur Province.

Tani Muda (Young Farmers)
Promote the role of youth in realizing sustainable, justice and have local wisdom agriculture practice in Cidadap Village, Cianjur, West Java.

Merdeka Indonesia
Creates a new circular economic model for small-scale fishermen in Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi Provice

Sakil Group
Promotes sustainable, equitable, and locally-rooted food security in Kampung Sanggase, Merauke, Papua.

Bali People's Market
Archipelagic-based and sustainable healthy food security system in Tamblingan, Bali.

Melajah Alam
Raises awareness of conservation values for the young generation in Jembrana, Bali.

Warkop Indonesia
Sustainable, fair, local-wisdom content of coffee management in Manglayang, Bandung, West Java Province.

Mangi-Mangi Warrior Raja Ampat
Develops mangrove-based sustainable and healthy food security in Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua Province.

Ambai Lestari
Oversees the preparation of village regulations for sustainable management of land, coastal and marine natural resources potential in Ambai Island District, Papua.

Mita Budihardjo
Program Manager
BEKAL Pemimpin - United in Diversity (UID)

A Brief Profile of Bekal Pemimpin
Aspires to a fair and sustainable approach to natural resource management that rooted on the local values and wisdom that have safeguarded our planet for generations – by investing in people, places, and potential.
Bekal Pemimpin understand that to shift the mainstream of our natural capital management towards fairness and sustainability, there needs to be systemic change. We also understand that there is a blind spot in our understanding of the system: a failure to recognize that the way we live, think, and behave is, at the end, ultimately a major driver of the systemic impact we feel together—through the choices we make, and through relationships, institutions, policies, and systems we create and implement every day.
Therefore, BEKAL Pemimpin choose to invest in awareness and leadership capacity improvement systems of the actors who are the main drivers of our natural resource management practices. By including a microcosm of the system—community leaders, activists, academics, business players, indigenous people, government representatives, and the media—this awareness and leadership capacity not only transforms individuals, but also rises more holistic awareness and the confidence to take action at the collective level to jointly create the change necessary for a better common future.