When the Youtefa Bridge had not been built, we had to detour through the hills.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Jayapura City and Jayapura District are two of the four venue clusters where the XX National Sports Week (PON) will be held in Papua Province, from October 2 to 15, 2021.

Jayapura City located over three thousand kilometers from the nation’s capital, is the capital city of Indonesia's easternmost province, Papua, and is directly adjacent to the neighboring country, Papua New Guinea.

Meanwhile, Sentani Airport is one of the gateways to Jayapura District that offers a plethora of natural beauty that is apparent from the hill to the coast.

Several places have also been decorated with the ornaments of the XX Papua PON, making them attractive photo spots to welcome visitors.

Here are five interesting spots in Jayapura City and District for several photo opportunities.

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1. Sentani Airport arrival gate

Sentani Airport has become livelier with the decorations of the XX PON Papua mascots: Kangpho and Drawa.

Moreover, a photo spot with the event’s slogan of "Torang Bisa!" -- means ‘We Can!’ -- is placed not far from the arrival gate.

If visitors are lucky, they may run into the cultural ambassador of the national sporting event and take a picture together.

Meanwhile, before leaving the arrival terminal, they will find the terminal’s floor designed akin to a running track as well as decorated with the Papuan ornaments and the event’s logo.

Furthermore, visitors are required to head to five arrival counters before picking up their luggage.

The counters serve as re-checking posts to ensure that visitors adhere to the mandatory health protocols requirements, one of which is the PeduliLindungi apps.

Visitors have to fill in the electronic - Health Alert Card (e-HAC) provided by the apps as the officers will ask for it upon their arrival at the terminal.

In addition, the officers will check the visitors’ identity cards if required.

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2. Teletubbies Hill

About 8.6 kilometers from Sentani Airport is a charming tourist spot called Teletubbies Hill in Doyo Lama Village, Waibu Sub-District, Jayapura District.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Lake Sentani from there. However, if they are willing to make some effort to climb the stairs, they can witness the magnificent green hills along with the blue waters of Lake Sentani.

They can also engage in some trekking to explore the hills through a long path speckled with huts to unwind.

Visitors are not required to pay any charge to enter the tourism destination. However, a parking fee of Rp10 thousand and Rp20 thousand for a motorcycle and a car respectively is applicable.

Meanwhile, not far from Teletubbies Hill is a XX Papua PON hockey and cricket arena located in Doyo Baru Village that is being used for the esports exhibition matches.

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3. Hamadi Beach

Located in Jayapura City, Hamadi Beach is situated in proximity to the center of the city. Thus, the tourism destination is easy to reach.

The mesmerizing beach has beautiful white sands and shady trees.

Moreover, there is a hut for visitors to rest while enjoying the sea breeze.

At the beach, they can also go swimming since the waves are relatively calm owing to the piles of concrete barriers installed around the site.

Visitors are only required to pay the parking fee as an entry ticket.

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4. Youtefa Bridge

The Youtefa Bridge --located not far from Hamadi Beach -- was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo in October 2019. Currently, it has become the landmark of Papua.

The red bridge spans 732 meters in length and 21 meters in width and connects the main area of Jayapura City with Muara Tami Sub-district.

In addition, there is a 10-kilometer-long connecting road.

"When Youtefa Bridge had not been built, we had to detour through the hills. Currently, the bridge has made our trip easier and become an economic driver," a local entrepreneur, Akhsan, told Antara.

At the end of the bridge, on the right side, visitors can see several cafes being built. Meanwhile, on the left side, there is the XX Papua PON rowing arena located at Youtefa Bay.

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5. Skyline

The spot is located at the top of a hill, with scenic views of the Youtefa Bay and Youtefa Bridge.

Actually, Skyline is not a tourism spot. It is only a roadside of the route that connects the Jayapura-Abepura-Sentani regions.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of Youtefa Bay, visitors can savor young coconuts.

A young coconut is priced at Rp10 thousand, while the one mixed with syrup or brown sugar costs Rp20,000.

Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is scheduled to officially open the PON XX National Games at the Lukas Enembe Stadium, Jayapura district on October 2, 2021, Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali has confirmed.

Strict health protocols will be implemented throughout the opening ceremony, particularly during the athletes' defile and athletes' oath.

In addition to Jayapura City and Jayapura District, the two other co-hosts of the PON are Mimika, and Merauke districts.

Following the PON XX National Games from October 2-15, 2021, the XVI National Paralympic Games are scheduled to be held from November 2 to 15, 2021.

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