BRI is ready to give support and serve BP Tapera in registration and dues from the informal sector through BRI networks like BRILink Agents.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned Bank Rakyat Indonesia and public housing savings agency BP Tapera are collaborating to strengthen financing for cheap housing so that people can purchase affordable and livable homes across Indonesia, an official has said.

"BRI cooperates with BP Tapera in data bank management that links information between developers' supply and demand from the Housing Financing Liquidity Facilities (FLPP) applicants," BRI's institutional and state-owned enterprises director, Agus Noorsanto, informed in a statement received here on Saturday.

As of the end of August 2021, BRI has financed subsidized housing loans for more than 19,298 customers, he said.

The financing was conducted by BRI to continue to support government programs so that people can access cheap, decent, safe, and comfortable home financing, he added.

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Meanwhile, BRI consumer director Handayani said that accessible and cheap home financing solutions are a challenge for many parties.

The challenge is in providing housing facilities and meeting other needs of affordable housing for everyone, she explained.

As there is a mismatch between supply and demand in housing, synergy between institutions is an alternative solution that can minimize existing data, she said.

Next, with the ecosystem integration in home financing carried out by the Public Works and Public Housing Ministry (PUPR), Finance Ministry, Bappenas (National Development Planning Agency), and related stakeholders, the integrated ecosystem is expected to support the availability of affordable homes with adequate facilities and quality, she added.

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"BRI is ready to give support and serve BP Tapera in registration and dues from the informal sector through BRI networks like BRILink Agents," Handayani said.

The bank is also ready to present potential new participants from the BRI's micro-ecosystem of 45 million people that are the result of the synergy between BRI, PNM (a microlending firm), and Pegadaian (a state pawnshop chain), she explained.

Meanwhile, director general of infrastructure financing for public works and housing at the PUPR Ministry, Herry Trisaputra Zuna, revealed that currently, 74 percent of Indonesians do not have a permanent home.

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More than 32 percent are renting and 42 percent are staying at other people's homes, he said.

Therefore, the challenge in the housing field that must be faced by the government is to provide homes to everyone, he added.

"(This can be achieved through) Industrialization of construction, cheap houses that can reduce construction costs, the availability of livable homes with green environments, and access to housing financing to non-fixed income communities and housing microfinance," he said.

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