Jayapura (ANTARA) - The Mimika Health Service said it is referring to the guidelines of the Sports and Youth Affairs Ministry and the National COVID-19 Task Force in handling COVID-19 during the Papua National Games (PON) XX.

Head of the Mimika Health Service, Reynold R. Ubra, said all guests arriving in Mimika are required to submit a certificate showing they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and test negative in a PCR test.

“We conduct a bubble approach for visitors in Mimika. The first bubble is at the airport by doing the screening, such as body temperature check, then verifying travel documents," Ubra informed in a press release from the Mimika Cluster media center on Wednesday.

The second bubble covers lodging places, where health protocols such as wearing masks, keeping social distance, washing hands, and avoid crowds are being implemented, he said. The committee is also regulating social distancing at places where athletes often gather, such as restaurants and fitness centers, he added.

The third bubble covers the venues, Ubra said. Athletes who are about to compete need to pass the screening process, he added. In fact, spectators must be vaccinated and get their body temperature checked while still maintaining social distance during and after the match, he continued.

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PCR tests are also required for all guests, especially contingents and groups traveling to the airport before returning to their respective regions, the official disclosed.

"Those are the bubble standards set by the National COVID-19 Task Force that we have done," Ubra remarked.

In fact, he explained, during the futsal final match, his office and the committee tried their best to anticipate the possibility of large audiences due to the high number of spectators who tried to enter the venue.

However, the number of spectators who could enter the stadium was limited, he said. The match committee tried to reduce the number of spectators by providing Videotrons at several points, he added.

During the match inside the venue, it is still necessary to always implement health protocols such as maintaining distance and wearing masks, he said.

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COVID-19 positive athletes

Responding to reports of athletes and officials testing positive for COVID-19, Ubra revealed that only one out of nearly four thousand athletes who came to Mimika district showed a reactive result during the antigen test.

“As many as three thousand, nearly four thousand athletes, only one athlete was found to be antigen-reactive. Then, we did a PCR test and the results were confirmed positive for COVID-19," Ubra explained.

The athlete had been vaccinated against COVID-19 twice with mild symptoms, namely cough and a runny nose, Ubra said.

A number of contingents who will return to their regions and with indications of COVID-19 have already been examined, Ubra informed. They are all in good health with no symptoms, he added.

According to him, obtaining two doses of vaccination played an important role in the condition of the confirmed positive athletes. They are in good condition with no symptoms, he informed.

"Vaccination has been proved effective to reduce symptoms in our athletes' immune system who have been exposed to the virus," he added.
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