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Jayapura KONI encourages development of sports tourism in Papua

Jayapura KONI encourages development of sports tourism in Papua

Papua PON volleyball venue in Koya, Jayapura. (ANTARA News Papua/HO-Humas PLN Papua)

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - An official from the National Sports Committee of Indonesia (KONI) for Jayapura District, Korneles Yanuaring, endorsed the development of sports tourism in Papua after the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) comes to a close.

Yanuaring, as cited from InfoPublik's website here, Wednesday, noted that utilization of the Papua PON sports facilities for sports tourism can offer positive social and economic benefits to the community in the adjoining areas.

The official gauged that the development of sports tourism should be balanced with the development of sports science in order to boost the performance and competitiveness of Papuan athletes.

"Sports science can help Papuan athletes develop, so they can compete in international-level competitions," he affirmed.

According to Yanuaring, KONI and the government of Jayapura district had sent teachers and doctors to gain an understanding of sports science at the Padjadjaran University, West Java.

He added that those teachers and doctors have currently begun scouting for Papuan sports talents from junior high schools.

Support for the development of sports tourism and Papuan athletes by utilizing Papua PON sports facilities was also conveyed by General Chairperson of KONI, Marciano Norman.

Norman emphasized that sports facilities readied for the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) should be utilized for the development of sports.

"For facilities, such as the Lukas Enembe Stadium, aquatic venue, shooting range, gymnastic venue, and basketball court, there should be a strategic plan involving many parties to encourage those facilities to become locations for developing sports," Norman stated as quoted from InfoPublik, Wednesday.

He urged the government and sports organizations in the country to regularly conduct sports events at the local and national levels at least five times a year.

According to Norman, the sports facilities for Papua PON should be utilized as training centers to develop the flagship sports in eastern Indonesia.

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