Indonesian youngsters should protect Youth Pledge values from erosion

Indonesian youngsters should protect Youth Pledge values from erosion

Screenshot of member of the Presidential Advisory Council Sidarto Danusubroto during the public discussion to commemorate Youth Pledge Day hosted by the University of Indonesia YouTube channel, viewed from Jakarta on Thursday (Oct 28, 2021). ANTARA/Tri Meilani Ameliya.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Presidential Advisory Council member Sidarto Danusubroto appealed to the Indonesian youth to protect Youth Pledge values from erosion since youngsters were currently being increasingly exposed to foreign cultures and ideologies.

"Advancements in information technology could erode the spirit of nationalism among members of our future generations," Danusubroto stated during a public discussion hosted by the University of Indonesia to commemorate Youth Pledge Day, as viewed from Jakarta on Thursday.

Advancements in information technology have increasingly exposed the youth to foreign cultures and ideologies, thereby leading to them being drawn to foreign ideas despite lack of clarity on their true intentions , he pointed out.

The advisory council member pushed the Indonesian youth to counter the influx of foreign ideas by propagating narratives that support the national ideology of Pancasila and the national culture.

The youth generation should also utilize information technology to disseminate positive messages about Indonesia's diversity to preserve the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, he remarked.

"Indonesia's diversity holds potential that we must preserve and protect to ensure that our diverse people will continue to live in harmony," Danusubroto stated.

He urged Indonesian youth to inherit the spirit of the country's young nationalists that recognized the nation's diversity on the Youth Pledge 93 years ago and to contribute to national development in future.

"The spirit of the nationalist youth, who proclaimed the Youth Pledge 93 years ago, is a positive energy for the young generation to contribute and play an active role in national development and maintaining a harmonious nation," Danusubroto affirmed.

The Indonesian youth should take inspiration from the commemoration of Youth Pledge Day to enliven the spirit of nationalism to achieve the nation's goal of being resilient and ushering growth in Indonesia and realizing the vision of the 2045 Indonesia Golden Era, he remarked.

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