Jakarta (ANTARA) - The state civil apparatus (ASN) must be at the forefront of efforts to develop an Indonesian national character and state ideology Pancasila culture, according to the Agency for Pancasila Ideology Education (BPIP).

"ASN must be at the forefront of developing our national character with a Pancasila culture. Do not get dragged into politics," Director of Standardization and Curriculum for Education and Training at BPIP Heri Hermawan remarked.

He made the remark during a webinar on 'Developing Superior National Character and Instilling Moral Values in ASN' in Jakarta on Thursday.

To be at the forefront of developing national character, civil apparatus must implement and practice the state ideology Pancasila consistently at all times and places, he said.

Civil servants are expected to be role models for the community, especially in behaving and implementing Pancasila values in social life, he added.

To achieve this end, civil servants can start by practicing the five pillars of the state civil servants national character, which encapsulate the spirit of the five principles of Pancasila, he said.

First, civil apparatus need to be religious and tolerant, he said. Second, state civil apparatus are required to uphold human values.

"Then third, the national character of ASN is to be a good example in the application of democracy in the work environment," he added.

Fourth, state civil apparatus need to inculcate a love of the country and encourage people to love the country. Last, they are obliged to have a high social concern for fellow human beings.

By focusing on these five characters, ASN will be able to develop the national character and Pancasila culture in the community, Hermawan opined.

He emphasized the importance of ASN always working professionally and providing the best service to the entire Indonesian nation.

Vice President Ma'ruf Amin had said earlier that Pancasila, Indonesia’s five-principle ideology, guarantees that the state protects people's freedom in carrying out religious activities.

He made the statement while inaugurating six places of worship for six different religions at Pancasila University, Jakarta.

As the principle of the state, Pancasila is in line with the religious values upheld by the Indonesian people, Amin said.

Hence, the community must be grateful for the religious plurality in the country and maintain it since it is necessary, he added.

"If we maintain the people’s cultural diversity with right knowledge and tolerance, it will become an extraordinary national wealth, which is rarely owned by other nations," the Vice President remarked.

Encouraging tolerance is crucial for maintaining diversity in the midst of the polarity of the Indonesian people, he stressed.

By upholding inter-faith tolerance, the community can ward off any efforts to divide the nation, such as through radicalism and extremism, he added.

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