Cianjur (ANTARA) - Hail accompanied by heavy rainfall and strong winds was witnessed for several minutes in two sub-districts of Cianjur District, West Java Province, on Monday, uprooting many trees on several main roads, the Cianjur Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) informed.

The agency's secretary, Rudi Wibowo, said in Cianjur on Monday that his team is currently collecting data related to the damage caused by the hail in the two sub-districts of Cianjur and Cilaku.

"As of Monday evening, we are still collecting data because there were many reports of light, moderate, and heavily damaged houses due to the hail that hit two sub-districts. The ice cubes that fell in each region varied from the size of a child's pinky finger to the size of a marble," Wibowo informed.

Reports of damage included broken roof tiles and dented vehicles parked in public places, he said.

"We have sent officers to conduct data collection in the two sub-districts, and involved Disaster Resilient Volunteers (for the purpose),” he added.

The hail caused trees of various sizes to fall on Cianjur main roads, disrupting traffic on the Pelajar Pejuang-Jebrod Road and the Bandung-Cianjur Highway, he informed.

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"We are coordinating with the Indonesian Military (TNI), National Police officers, and some Indonesian red-cross volunteers to handle the fallen trees quickly," Wibowo said.

By removing the fallen trees quickly, the traffic is expected to return to normal, he added. "The number of fallen trees are still being recorded," he continued.

Meanwhile, the residents of the two sub-districts said they panicked upon seeing the hail, and most of them decided to leave their houses because they heard strong rumbling sounds on the roof.

"We panicked, and after leaving the house, we saw marble-sized ice grains falling from the roof along with the rainwater. As a result, the ice cubes (caused) leaking roofs and cars parked outside the house got dented," a Cianjur sub-district resident, Rusmana, said.

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