Jakarta (ANTARA) - Out of the 80 thousand ICU beds and isolation rooms arranged for COVID-19 patients nationwide, 38 percent have been occupied so far, Health Ministry spokesperson Siti Nadia Tarmizi reported here on Tuesday.

"Based on data, on February 20, 2022, there were about 36,488 COVID-19 patients admitted to hospitals nationally or accounting for 38 percent," she said.

Of that number, at least 26 percent or 9,632 patients under treatment were suspected to have contracted COVID-19, while 74 percent or 26,856 patients had been confirmed positive for COVID-19, she added.

According to Tarmizi, the number showed an increasing trend compared to Saturday (February 19), when 23,905 beds were occupied.

Meanwhile, the accumulated number of COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in hospitals during the Omicron surge from December 2021–February 19, 2022, was 123,905, of whom 32 percent were asymptomatic and 39 percent were mildly symptomatic, she said.

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Furthermore, 29 percent of the total ICU beds and isolation rooms for treating COVID-19 patients with moderate to heavy symptoms were filled, she added.

The bed occupancy rate was still relatively in the safe range even though the number showed an increasing trend when compared to the national ICU bed and isolation room availability, she explained.

"The current number of isolation beds and ICU rooms that the government has provided now is not as many as during the 2021 Delta wave, meaning we could expand it to 150 thousand beds," she highlighted.

The provision of telemedicine services to self-isolating patients has helped ease the burden on hospitals and health workers effectively by up to 71 percent, she said.

The Health Ministry also needs to implement the rule limiting the admission of COVID-19 patients to hospitals so that only those with moderate to critical symptoms are hospitalized, she added.
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