I urge the Jakarta authority to focus on this issue and organise an audit promptly
Jakarta (ANTARA) - A legislator of Jakarta Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) William Aditya Sarana has urged the provincial authority to organise fire safety audits in Jakarta government-owned buildings to examine fire safety and preparedness.

Sarana's proposal for a fire safety audit aims to respond to two fire incidents that occurred in two Jakarta government-owned buildings on two consecutive days on Tuesday (Mar 8) and Wednesday (Mar 9).

"Earlier, a fire broke out at Jakarta's Transportation Office building, and in less than 24 hours, another fire (mishap) occurred at the Pasar Rebo Regional General Hospital," Sarana noted in his statement received on Friday.

Conflagrations in public facilities, apart from disadvantaging the Jakarta authority, would also harm members of the public that may be hesitant regarding the fire safety in public buildings, especially public hospitals.

"Hospitals are crucial public facilities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. I urge the Jakarta authority to focus on this issue and organise an audit promptly," Sarana remarked.

The legislator confirmed to having received information that when the fire broke out at the Pasar Rebo Regional General Hospital, the emitted smoke had reached the hospital's emergency room, causing discomfort to patients and impacting emergency response activities there.

"The conflagrations are not only harmful to the Jakarta authority's assets but also threaten the lives of patients in public hospitals. The provincial authority can disburse the regional budget to renovate (fire-ravaged buildings), but it could not restore lost lives," he remarked.

Sarana reminded the Jakarta authority to set up a fire prevention team, as Jakarta Governor's Regulation No. 143 of 2016 on fire prevention strategy also instructs relevant authorities to perform routine checks on the electricity system and fire safety equipment in public facilities.

“We understand that perhaps, Governor Baswedan is busy, so we suggest (relevant officials) to implement the government regulation as a fire safety measure," Sarana remarked.

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