Yesterday, when we offered this idea to other nations, most of them supported it
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian nation, through its G20 Presidency's Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) forum, encourages G20 member countries to have an index to measure digital skills and literacy.

"Yesterday, when we offered this idea to other nations, most of them supported it," DEWG Alternate Chair and Communication and Informatics Ministry's spokesperson, Dedy Permady, noted in a media briefing event here on Thursday.

Before the forum was held a month ago, Indonesia formulated the G20 Toolkit for Measuring Digital Skills and Literacy.

This measurement will be conducted in the form of a survey. Indonesia expects that G20 nations have at least a similar measurement standard for digital skills and literacy.

The survey result will be published, so that member nations can learn from one another. Moreover, the survey result can be utilized for research development and policy making.

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The digital literacy rate measurement that Indonesia offered in the DEWG forum is similar to what the Communication and Informatics Ministry has done for the past several years.

Every year, the ministry issued a national-wide Digital Literacy Index.

Digital skills and literacy is one of the three priority agendas upheld by Indonesia during the Indonesia G20 Presidency's DEWG forum.

G20 member country delegations propose to consider aspects outside of information and communications technology (ICT) within this agenda.

The forum also proposes people-centric digital infrastructure or human-oriented ICT infrastructure development.

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This means the development of ICT infrastructure must be balanced with internet and technologically-adept human resources.

"The people must be prepared to utilize the internet in a positive, productive, and creative manner," Permadi noted.

The Indonesia G20 Presidency DEWG forum has been held since March, and it is supported by the Communication and Informatics Ministry. The meeting will still continue until August.

The discussion produced from the DEWG will be brought to the Digital Economy Minister's Meeting.

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