Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Director of state-owned insurer, PT Jasa Raharja, Rivan Achmad Purwantono announced that participants for the 2022 Safe Homecoming, Healthy Homecoming Program with State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) would receive free insurance from Jasa Raharja Putera.

"The participants of the 2022 Eid homecoming program by SOEs Ministry will receive free insurance for their round trip from Jasa Raharja Putera," Purwantono noted after the departure of participants of the 2022 Safe Homecoming, Healthy Homecoming Program by SOEs from the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Wednesday.

Purwantono later remarked that his side had also readied 34 trucks to accommodate the homecoming participants, who had brought their motorbikes to their hometowns. Furthermore, all preparations were made under the supervision of the Transportation Ministry.

"The participants of this homecoming program can bring the motorbikes to their hometown. We have readied 34 trucks to accommodate the motorbikes while the participants still travel by the buses," Purwantono stated.

He noted that the organizers had checked the eligibility of buses before transporting the participants for homecoming.

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Moreover, he highlighted that the total number of buses deployed had exceeded expectations. Earlier, his side had targeted to use as many as 510 buses, but the number had increased to 542 buses.

"We have run a check on the eligibility of 542 buses. Some of these buses are no longer in use due to the pandemic. However, we ensure that in the last three weeks, everything is still functioning properly," he emphasized.

His side also ensured that the condition of the bus drivers was good, and they were fit to operate.

"We have data on the drivers, and usually, there are two drivers in one bus. They are required to be drug-free and in good health. Drivers must also have more than three years of experience in driving buses," Purwantono stated.

Jasa Raharja was also involved in the functioning of more than two thousand homecoming posts, provided more than five thousand additional signs related to road allocation and changes, and readied 2,436 hospitals.

"We do not want bad things to happen. However, we are all ready 24 hours to provide fast service for traffic accidents," he concluded. Related news: 2022 Ketupat Operation to make exodus healthy, safe: National Police

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