Yesterday, based on data, there was an increase in visitors
Batu, East Java (ANTARA) - The Batu Police Department, East Java, has expedited efforts to anticipate a spike in the number of visitors at some tourist attractions during the 2022 Eid holiday.

Data collected from the managers of Batu tourist attractions showed an increase in visitor numbers since Tuesday (May 3, 2022), Batu Police chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner I Nyoman Yogi Hermawan, noted in here on Wednesday.

"Yesterday, based on data, there was an increase in visitors. The (rate) is now 25 percent of the total capacity of tourist attractions. Previously, it was around 5–10 percent," he said.

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He then expressed his administration's commitment to continuously monitor the number of visitors at tourist attractions in Batu city to prevent overcrowding that could cause traffic congestion.

He said police and stakeholders will also monitor COVID-19 health protocol implementation, particularly the use of the PeduliLindungi application, he added.

If there is traffic congestion in the tourist attraction areas and the number of visitors exceeds the regulations, the police will divert the route and advise tourists to visit other destinations.

The Batu Police Department has prepared five security posts in five priority tourist destinations in Batu city—Jatim Park 3, Batu Love Garden (Baloga), Santerra De Laponte, Museum Angkut, and Selecta Recreation Park.

Around 20 personnel have been deployed at each security post to monitor the traffic flow and ensure health protocol compliance by visitors.

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"In addition, we have also prepared vaccine booths at these five locations. If the public or visitors to tourist attractions have not (received the) full vaccination doses, we urge them to make use of this service," Hermawan said.

A number of tourist attractions in Batu city are gradually becoming packed with visitors. It is expected that the number of visitors will continue to swell until Sunday (May 8).

The national holiday for Eid was set on May 2–3, while collective leave days were set on April 29 and May 4, 5, and 6. The government had estimated that around 85 million people would take part in the Eid exodus this year.

Based on data from the Transportation Ministry, the East Java provincial government has estimated that as many as 16.8 million people will leave for East Java, with 47 percent using private cars to reach various destinations, including Greater Malang area.

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