Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA) - Deputy Mayor of Surabaya Armuji sought thorough checks on all entertainment facilities after a slide snapped and collapsed at Kenpark Waterpark, Kenjeran, Surabaya city, on Saturday, leaving 16 people injured.

All facilities at entertainment venues, either private or government-owned, must be inspected in order to prevent similar incidents in the future, he said here on Saturday.

There are several amusement parks with children’s attractions in Surabaya, which must also be checked to gauge their feasibility or eligibility, he noted. The same applies to amusement parks managed by the private sector.

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Armuji also reminded the managements of entertainment venues of their responsibility toward visitors' safety.

Currently, the 16 people injured in the Kenpark Kenjeran incident have been referred to Soewandhie and Soetomo hospitals for receiving intensive care, he informed.

"The Regional Disaster Mitigation and some public health centers have provided emergency services. Afterward, the (incident) would be (dealt with) in accordance with the provisions," he said.

According to the Surabaya Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency, a part of the water slide located at a height of 10 meters at the Kenpark swimming pool suddenly snapped and collapsed around 1.30 p.m. local time on Saturday.

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At the time, many visitors were playing on the slide, thus some of them fell off it when it snapped. It is suspected that the slide snapped as its frame had worn out.

However, head of human resources development at Kenjeran Waterpark, Bambang Irianto, said that the management routinely performed maintenance work on the attractions, and the last maintenance was undertaken nine months ago.

He argued that the attraction was still feasible, and the management suspected that the incident was caused by capacity overload.

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