Batang (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has said that for five years the government had given more than five million hectares of social land to farmers, 324 hectares of which were on Java Island.

"We do not only give the big portion. The big ones are divided by 100 thousand hectares, 10 thousand hectares, and 25 hectares. The small ones are also given to the farmers for transparency," Jokowi noted in Batang District, Central Java, on Wednesday.

By having land with a social forestry decree, people can access the land freely, he added.

"Without it, it will be hard for farmers to work. The social forestry land is important to open up businesses for the rights of farmers and the people," Jokowi said.

However, he said there were several shortcomings in the use of social forestry land, namely assistance in facilities and management.

Jokowi also asked the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, to issue a ministerial decree (SK) and accelerate the land redistribution.

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The President said that currently, the agriculture situation in Indonesia remains difficult after facing a COVID-19 pandemic. He noted that this has not only happened in Indonesia, but 220 countries have experienced the same thing.

"Once we are able to recover from the pandemic, the second problem arises, namely the conflict in Ukraine. Right now, many countries have started to run out of food. This is a blessing in disguise for us since we must be able to take advantage of this situation. Do not abandon the land. We must make the best use of it," Jokowi noted.

In Batang District, the President invited farmers to plant crops that produce staple foods, such as rice, corn, cassava, and porang.

"Farmers must be able to take advantage by planting rice, corn, or porang, because other countries need it. This is our opportunity," he added.

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