Praise be to the Almighty God, You have answered our appeal. The body of Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz has been found. God Willing, the body will arrive in Indonesia on Sunday and will be buried on Monday
Bandung, West Java (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Embassy in Switzerland and family representatives of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil at a press conference on Thursday announced that the body of Kamil’s eldest son, Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz, had been found.

The body of Mumtadz, who went missing while swimming in Aare River, Bern, Switzerland, late last month, was found in Engehalde Dam, Bern, at 6:50 a.m. local time (UTC +2) on Wednesday (June 8), according to Ambassador Muliaman Hadad.

Hadad said that later that day, officers from Bern Police came to the embassy to notify it about the discovery of a body that matched Mumtadz’s physical description.

Following a DNA test, the local authority confirmed that the body was Mumtadz’s on Thursday afternoon. A local court, which immediately received the case from the police, then authorized the handing over of the body to the family, the ambassador informed.

“Two hours ago (before the press conference), the court has authorized the family, who (are) currently in Bern, to receive the body of Eril (Mumtadz’s nickname),” Hadad said.

He assured of the embassy’s full assistance in the repatriation of Eril’s body until its arrival in Indonesia while respecting the rights of the deceased according to the Islamic faith.

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“We also appeal to colleagues to pray for the smoothness of Eril’s repatriation to Indonesia,” the ambassador said.

Officers from the Foreign Ministry’s Directorate of Protection of Indonesian Nationals will assist in the repatriation process for Eril’s body upon its arrival in Indonesia, Hadad added.

At the same press conference, family representative Elpi Nazmuzzaman, said that the family will perform the burial rituals for Eril, which will include bathing the body, wrapping the body in a white shroud, performing Salat al-Janazah (funeral prayer) for the body, and burying the body as per Islamic customs.

“We have not determined yet when (the body) will arrive in Indonesia, yet we are exerting efforts with existing resources and conditions to repatriate the body promptly,” Nazmuzzaman added.

While expressing the hope that Eril’s body would be received by his family on Saturday (June 11), he conveyed his gratitude to all parties that took part in the search operation for Eril, including the local authority, the Swiss federal authority, and the Indonesian Embassy in Bern.

“We feel we are not alone (while facing this tragedy), and the government is present to protect its citizens anywhere,” he remarked.

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Bringing Eril’s body back to Indonesia

Upon receiving news of the discovery of Mumtadz’s body, the West Java provincial authority initiated the process to request for leave on Kamil’s behalf to allow him to leave for Switzerland to bring back his eldest son’s body.

“Praise be to God, the ministry has granted the (leave) request for June 9–19, 2022,” West Java authority’s Leadership Administration Bureau head Wahyu Mijaya said.

The governor left for Switzerland the same day the leave was granted as relatives who helped monitor the search operation in Bern asked him to come to Switzerland, he noted.

“God Willing, more updates (about the repatriation process) will be reported (by the embassy),” Mijaya said.

The provincial official then appealed to residents to pray for Mumtadz and expressed gratitude to the media for covering news about Mumtadz while respecting the principles of ethical journalism.

“We hope all members of the society would pray (for Mumtadz and Kamil), and we also express our gratitude for your support in Eril’s search operation. We also hope the media will be eased to obtain new information, and may your kindness be rewarded,” Mijaya remarked.

To ensure the continuity of provincial administration, deputy governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum will preside over the provincial leadership temporarily until Kamil returns to Indonesia, he added.

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Mumtadz’s burial

In a post on his personal Instagram account @ridwankamil, the governor expressed relief about the discovery of Mumtadz’s body. In the same post, he informed that the body will arrive in Indonesia on Sunday (June 12) and will be buried on Monday (June 13).

“Praise be to the Almighty God, You have answered our appeal. The body of Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz has been found. God Willing, the body will arrive in Indonesia on Sunday and will be buried on Monday,” the post said.

Meanwhile, the provincial authority is yet to determine the final resting place for Mumtadz. Mijaya informed that the provincial authority is still coordinating with Kamil's family about the burial arrangements and with the Indonesian Embassy in Switzerland about the repatriation process.

The funeral home that will host Mumtadz before his burial is also yet to be confirmed, he said.

“Our latest information we obtain is that the decision to designate either (the official residence) or his personal home as the funeral home would be considered later,” he added.

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Moreover, the West Java governor, invoking praise to God, affirmed that he will personally perform the Islamic burial rituals for his eldest son.

“Praise be to God, He has given me an opportunity to hug, caress and bath my son according to the Islamic faith, as well as reciting the Adhan (Muslim call of prayer) to his ear just like when he was born,” Kamil stated in another post on his personal Instagram account, which was accessed from here on Friday morning.

Kamil also expressed his gratitude to the Almighty God that his son was found in a perfect and clean condition, with a slight eucalyptus fragrance wafting from his body, despite his drowning more than two weeks ago.

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