Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Partnership for Governance Reform, or Kemitraan, encourages the implementation of a cluster approach and the involvement of all stakeholders in the efforts to prevent forest and land fires.

"Why use the cluster system? (It is) because to prevent (forest and land fires), observe the typology first. For, example, (observe the) group of affected land users, the second is the similarity in risks, strategies, and necessary prevention tactics," Kemitraan Executive Director Laode M. Syarif stated during a media gathering here on Monday.

Syarif explained that application of the cluster approach encompassed cluster-based collaborative prevention against forest fire that involves all parties, ranging from local governments, Manggala Agni, Indonesian Military (TNI), police, and corporates, to the community.

According to the Environment and Forestry Ministry, Manggala Agni is tasked with making efforts to prevent forest and land fires.

Syarif believes the cluster approach will respond to different challenges and problems in areas prone to forest and land fires.

He elaborated that implementation of the approach necessitates the government to find a similarity in ecosystem conditions in an area.

After identifying the similarity, he said the government can build collaboration with local governments, companies, and communities to conduct strategies for preventing and handling forest and land fires in accordance with the specific regional conditions.

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"We are trying to integrate and coordinate all resources from the various components to do what is called integrated fire management," Syarif stated.

He also noted that Kemitraan facilitates the strengthening of forest and peat fire prevention through the Strengthening Indonesian Capacity for Anticipatory Peat Fire Management (SIAP-IFM) program with USAID, UNEP, Kishugu from South Africa, and IPB University's CCROM (Centre for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management).

Efforts were made to implement the program in Ogan Komering Ilir District in South Sumatra; Pelalawan District in Riau; and Pulang Pisau District in Central Kalimantan, Syarif pointed out.

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