Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture has invited all families in Indonesia to help prevent childhood stunting in order to realize an advanced and quality generation.

"Efforts to prevent stunting can start from families. Therefore, the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture invites all families in Indonesia to play an active role in preventing stunting," deputy for coordination of health quality improvement and population development at the ministry, Agus Suprapto, said here on Thursday.

Paying attention to the health of all members is essential for the development of a family, he noted.

"Therefore, it is necessary to educate each other on the understanding of a healthy lifestyle among family members," he said.

Families in Indonesia need to adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle, Suprapto added.

"For example, all family members can exercise together and eat a balanced nutritious diet with carbohydrates, proteins, and other mineral sources," he said.

In addition, all family members need to agree to not smoke and remind each other about health, he stressed.

"If all family members agree not to smoke, it is a good step for the development of a quality family," he said.

According to Suprapto, the dissemination of information regarding stunting also needs to be strengthened in order to increase public awareness and understanding.

National Family Day (Harganas), which is celebrated every June 29 in Indonesia, is the right momentum to boost the role of the community in overcoming the problem of stunting in the country, he added.

"This is the right momentum for the whole community, especially all families in the country, to take an active role in overcoming the stunting problem," he remarked.

He highlighted that the handling of childhood stunting requires the involvement of many parties, from the government to all the people in the country, so that it can run optimally.

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